How to Get a Free Photo Shoot in Italy!

Who doesn’t want a free photoshoot in one of the most beautiful countries in the world?! I’m a photographer and I know I DO!  So here is how you can make it happen with minimal effort.

1. Walk around in a gorgeous red flowing dress at the Duomo in Florence!  Yes, you will have to get yourself to Italy. Feel free to pick another stunning place with breathtaking architecture in another part of Italy or even another country.  Airfare is on you unless you live there and there is only so much I can do.

2. Have your boyfriend already photographing you leaving everyone to wonder what famous star you might be. I think its clear your going to need a partner of some sort and I haven’t expended my business to match making just yet.  If you’re in a bind I suggest trying a dating    app…I “hear” its great fun. 😉

3. Make sure a professional photographer( ME! ME!) who is in love with Italy and on a vacation high sees you.  Hmmmmm, I am staring to see the level of difficulty but never say never!

4. Make sure to be one of the sweetest two people said photographer has ever met. Easy peasy!

While these To-Do’s may seem daunting they are not impossible, Emily and David are proof of that. This well timed synchronistic unfolding was what brought 3 travelers from the U.S. together this past August in one of my favorite cities in the world, Florence, Firenze if you’re a local or in the know.

As I rounded the corner to the front of the Duomo in Florence I spotted Emily in her stunning red dress, hard to miss her. It’s only been a few months but I was so excited trying to figure out if this was another photographer working with her or a companion that I don’t recall who approached whom. My mind is always working matrix style when I am trying to decipher a situation. All I knew is somehow I wanted to take the opportunity to photograph one or both of them. It quickly unfolded and I learned David was in fact her boyfriend. Score! One is always better then two!

Look at this sweet couple and THAT DRESS!

Both adorable and sweet I took a few photos of Emily and David with his camera first and then I asked if I could create some images with mine.  Many people assume that since I am a photographer I can magically pick up any camera and use it to its full capabilities. Not so. Sure I could take a couple of nice shots but knowing your equipment is key in creating stunning photographs. The camera works for YOU. So for the next few minutes I had two real life models to create, play with and photograph. Seriously, this was a dream for me and I knew I could give them something they would never have otherwise, a professional photoshoot in beautiful Florence, Italy! I love when these moments of synchronicity present themselves and I will always take advantage of these gifts.

These two are sweet as pie!

While I do a lot of my portrait work in my studio I love creating photographs on location whether it’s in the San Francisco Bay Area were I live or around the world. I’ve been lucky enough to have been hired for shoots in Kenya, Italy and all over the U.S.  One of my dreams is to be booking in Italy two months out of every year and I really believe putting that intention out there creates these opportunities to unfold.  Here’s to the dream and big thanks to they beautiful couple for allowing me to create something special for them.

My time in Italy was magical and this was one perfect experience that added to the entire experience.

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By Emily and David! See you next time!

Bye Bye!