In September I received a call to photograph Isis Wenger; engineer, speaker, advocate of equal rights, and creator of the #Ilooklikeanengineer hashtag. Isis was thrust into the spotlight after the company she works for, OneLogin ran a recruitment campaign with her image featured in the ad. The backlash and judgment based on her looks and gender was surprising and upsetting. Like any  intelligent, strong woman she took to the internet with a post on Medium to address what was unfolding. She now travels the country speaking on gender bias and sexism in tech.

It started with a call from a liaison for Wenger saying she had heard about my work with women, and witnessed my abiltiy share who a women is at a deeper level through photographs.  We spoke about gender bias, the mis-representation of women and our mutual passion of rewriting how women are seen. We booked the session right there and then. It was a perfect fit!

When you meet Isis and hear her speak you are struck by the knowing that this women is going to do huge things in this life. She is a force!

As with all of my clients my focus and intention was to show her for the truth of who she is. This was especially important since she was already judged so harshly for just that.

The difference now?  She was part of the conversation, choosing what she would put forth into the image. Choosing how she would represent and present herself.

Her 3 words, which I ask all my clients to share regarding how they want to be seen were…

Strong, Confident”

She is also kind and playful.

 As women it is up to us to rewrite how we are seen. To rebuke the stereotypes, the biases and judgments. To fully embrace being a women, no apologies. I take great pride in playing a small part in this journey with my female clients.

I am passionate about supporting and inspiring women to reveal and be seen for who the truth of who they are and what they offer the world. I fiercely believe women shall change the world.


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