Fourth Quarter Refresh

Portraits & Head Shots That Elevate Your Business

NOW is the perfect time to update those head shots and business portraits. Spend that 2019 budget towards elevating your business & brand while helping with a little break on your taxes.

Sure you could stick with that smart phone photo where you’ve cropped out your friends from that “day drinking” extravaganza, I mean wine tasting, and hope no one notices. Maybe you don’t care that your entire team has photos from Gale in accounting who isn’t a professional photographer, hint she’s an accountant, but who has a “nice camera” …even though everyone looks mildly terrified in them. I GET IT! Some how professional head shots seem to be last on the need to do list & that money needs to go to your marketing.

Good news!! This IS part of you marketing dollars and now more than ever your online presence means something & matters. Your perspective clients are taking in the fact that Felipe’s photo was taken in front of a tree which is now growing out of his head while Sasha’s in front of yet another brick wall. This inconsistency is resonating with potential clients consciously and unconsciously, and it is telling a story about you and your business. Want to guess what that story is?

Don’t worry this is fixable in a one day session! Whether its a clean look on a simple backdrop or an environmental portrait in your offices I’ll get your entire team of one or more looking relaxed, engaging and ready for the business of being seen.

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