Anatomy of a Magazine Shoot

Every photo shoot I do begins with a conversation. This is true with all of my shoots from business portraits to the editorial portraits I do for magazines like Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine for whom I created the August cover & cover story photography for.

 Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine:  Margot Kong at Calistoga Ranch 
Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine:  Margot Kong at Calistoga Ranch. This photo of Margot Kong was taken at the Calistoga Ranch for Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine. Photography by Jennifer Graham Photography.
Margot Kong on the Cover of Luxury Travel Advisor

Lighting up the cover is my client Margot Kong Founder & Luxury Travel Curator of Journeys Unparalleled , and this is where the conversation begins. I love getting to know my subjects and clients. Creating a portrait is always a collaboration between myself and the person being photographed. So, for me it’s important to know things like: Margot is an advisor, a mother, a wife, a dancer, a foodie, a planner, and an art lover. She started Journeys Unparalleled in 2014 after having spent 15 years in sales and marketing in the travel industry.  A.K.A. SHE KNOWS HER CRAFT! Her company designs unique travel experiences for the luxury traveler. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a multi-week vacation for a couple, family or solo traveler, she is THE person who can help you craft your next amazing journey. 

AHHHH sign me up!

It’s All About the Why

Her WHY resonated deeply with me. In her own words here it is,

“My hope is that the more people travel, the more they will appreciate the world and people from other countries and cultures, and in turn, they will be good to the earth and more accepting of those who are different from themselves.”

I LOVE her “why”! Knowing someones WHY drives the photoshoot for me. It tells me exactly who I have standing in front of me, what is important to them & what I can call upon during the shoot to better connect with them. I love knowing she is dancer, this informs me she is going to be comfortable in her body during the shoot. Being able to connect in a deeper way allows her, and my other clients, to physically feel the joy they have for their business and clients which then shows up in every expression, smile and nuance they offer me.

Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine:  Margot Kong at Calistoga Ranch. This photo of Margot Kong was taken at the Calistoga Ranch for Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine. Photography by Jennifer Graham Photography.
Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine: Margot Kong at Calistoga Ranch

Location, location, location!

Initially Margot thought she would like to have the shoot in the city she loves and calls home, San Francisco! She mentioned the Golden Gate Bridge and Palace of Fine Arts. Two gorgeous locations. However, when I got on the phone with Ruthann Terrero, Editor-in-Chief of, Luxury Travel Advisor I began pondering the concept of luxury and what really spoke to that theme.

While these two locations are beautiful and iconic they do not necessarily relay the theme of luxury. I knew from Margot she was currently back and forth from Napa & staying at the stunning Calistoga Ranch. This two-hour round trip was well worth my time to take the shoot to the next level and create the photographs I knew would tell the story of this luxury travel curator.

Once the location was set, Margot and I talked wardrobe, timing & hair & makeup. Every element needed to be perfect. Margot gathered as much of her wardrobe as possible to provide ample options. We narrowed down her pieces with iPhone photos & email. I booked the incomparable & nationally acclaimed Christina Choi Cosmetics as her makeup artist & she found a wonderful woman in Napa for her hair.

On the Day of the Shoot

I arrived at Calistoga Ranch an hour early to scout the grounds while Margot was pampered having her makeup done. This time allows me to see the best areas & settings to create a magazine cover quality photograph. I am looking at lighting, location options & thinking about the story I want to tell. I actually new before the shoot began which locations on the property & corresponding photographs would end up in the magazine, and my instincts didn’t fail me.

Over a two hour time period Margot and I explored each area I scouted. I knew which wardrobe look would work best with each location and what time we needed to be at each for the perfect lighting scenario.

I work with everyday people just like you and me, and we all need a little “getting comfortable” time in front of the camera so the first 30 minutes were dedicated to simply getting her comfortable and seeing how she moved. We have gorgeous photos from that part of the shoot will which serve many of Margot’s business needs even if they didn’t make it to the magazine.

PDF of images I deliver to Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine for selections
The PDF I shared with the magazine to choose which photos will end up on the cover on for the story.

The last location and shot of the day was what you see now as the cover photo. I knew we’d have to wait until dusk to get this one perfect. I wanted the lovely twinkly lights warm glow mixed with the soft light of the setting sun. By this time being photographed was old hat to Margot. Her ease filled smile and confident posture were a winning combination. I created multiple shots of her, playing with poses, expressions and composition. It all came together perfectly.

My process is actually the exact same for any photoshoot I have. This is the pre-production work necessary to create a stunning and memorable portrait.

If you are looking for a photographer for Business Portraits, Lifestyle or Editorial who knows hoot bring out the absolute best in you, schedule a chat with me! I would love to work with you!

Fourth Quarter Refresh

Portraits & Head Shots That Elevate Your Business

NOW is the perfect time to update those head shots and business portraits. Spend that 2019 budget towards elevating your business & brand while helping with a little break on your taxes.

Sure you could stick with that smart phone photo where you’ve cropped out your friends from that “day drinking” extravaganza, I mean wine tasting, and hope no one notices. Maybe you don’t care that your entire team has photos from Gale in accounting who isn’t a professional photographer, hint she’s an accountant, but who has a “nice camera” …even though everyone looks mildly terrified in them. I GET IT! Some how professional head shots seem to be last on the need to do list & that money needs to go to your marketing.

Good news!! This IS part of you marketing dollars and now more than ever your online presence means something & matters. Your perspective clients are taking in the fact that Felipe’s photo was taken in front of a tree which is now growing out of his head while Sasha’s in front of yet another brick wall. This inconsistency is resonating with potential clients consciously and unconsciously, and it is telling a story about you and your business. Want to guess what that story is?

Don’t worry this is fixable in a one day session! Whether its a clean look on a simple backdrop or an environmental portrait in your offices I’ll get your entire team of one or more looking relaxed, engaging and ready for the business of being seen.

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What It Took For Me To Admit I wanted More.

Finally it has happened. I have had something bubbling up inside of me for years now. Yes, years and I finally said it out loud today, “This is NOT the life I want!” Yup, that’s right. I believe now I have been terrified to admit this, terrified to admit the very life I created is NOT completely what I want. There are aspects yes, but I am not done and I will be damned if I leave this lifetime without creating and experiencing myself and my life fully and in exactly how I most deeply desire it.

I have been spending the better part of my life watching other peoples stories and wishing it was me. Well, no more! There is no reason I cannot have the life I want. I am the only one stopping me from experiencing it.  

I can feel it now and it is palpable. So, while I have been pissed off at everyone asking what’s your 2019 goal, what do you want to create, I finally realized my disgruntle has come from my lack of acknowledging one thing. I. WANT. MORE!

I can feel this declaration is what has been wanting to explode from me for a very long time. When asked by a close friend what my next steps were to create this I immediately went into my overwhelm place. Then I quickly  transitioned out of thinking about the do’s I needed to tackle to get and into the feeling of the desire itself and replied, “I am simply going to enjoy this feeling of knowing and follow it where it wants to take me. I took an expansive breath in and exhaled complete  freedom and spaciousness.

I won’t leave this life without living it exactly how I want. 

Do you know this experience? Are you living the life you want? Why not if you aren’t? If so what did it take to make it happened? 

Who Is Your Business About?

My business is for my clients. Seems like a wildly obvious declaration doesn’t it? Well I am not convinced it is. I don’t think that owning a business equals truly serving your clients. I believe we can get so caught up in getting the next client that we aren’t paying attention to the incredible ones we already have. In the stress and busyness of business we can forgot why we began our careers, wanting to offer something beautiful and valuable that only we can provide.

Kate is a neuroscientist and Owner/CEO of Body Mind Balance

Every step of what I offer in my photography business is about what I am giving to my clients.  It begins with the first phone call, finding out exactly what they want in their business, author,  office-lifestyle or family portrait, to coaching them during the shoot to reveal their very best self, to helping them select and utilize their new photographs to up level and represent their business.

My goal is to always create a space where my clients feel taken care of, heard and seen. I want  every single one of them to walk away with one of the most fulfilling & fun experiences  they can have knowing they have invested their hard eared money well and that the results will be impactful. 

I have a friend who owns a restaurant in San Francisco, Pazzia Restaurant Pizzaria,  and I swear to you every person who walks in that place is greeted like a dear friend with a huge smile and or a hug. While I know they go for the incredible food I also know they go, as I do, because how Massimo the owner makes them feel. This is a variety of connection and customer focus that is so endearing and valuable! I also see this gratitude and love for clients in amazing Canadian photographer @NatCaronPhoto and it’s one of the reasons I adore her and her gorgeous work. She is always boasting about her clients, not the photography and it’s genuine not simply a gimmick. 

Marie-Christin Is a Global Digital Transformation Program Management professional

So in this hurried time of posting, rushing and hustling to get the next gig check in with  this question, “Who is my business is about?”.  I guarantee if you make it more about who you are serving, what you receive back will be rewarding and substantial.

Tourist as Subject

During my last trip to Italy, which I am in full remembrance of since it was exactly a year ago, I quickly tired of photographing the sites in the same way it has most likely been photographed millions of times. Don’t get me wrong I loved creating photos of the beauty of Florence & Rome.  I couldn’t pass up creating photographs of things like the Duomo & the Arno, they are magical and historic and beautiful. Yet, on one of my last days in Italy I entered into the Pantheon and as I stepped gingerly into the sea of people from all over the world I realized there was something more to see and capture. I waned to create something different, something we don’t usually focus on when we are traveling. For me this was the tourists who like myself were seeing these majestic pieces of history for the first time.

After I made my way around the inside of this stunning space creating detailed impressions of what I saw as interesting and beautiful I turned my lens to my fellow explorers.  It brought an immediate smile to my face to witness how people reacted to and within this incredible place. I was enthralled watching each indivudual reaction that emerged over the many faces  in front of my lens as well as how complete strangers maneuvered and danced around one another. They were sweet, endearing, and at times delightfully child like in their vulnerability. It was not lost on me that I had some of these same reactions.

This was our common humanity coming to the surface. My desire to see others for the beautiful authentic humans we are was satiated in my exploration. I found so many interesting elements not only in the main subject but also in what was happening around them. I continued documenting these moments as I traveled the next two days around Roma.

I look forward to more opportunities to continue this new photographic journey. I hope these bring a little smile or recognition of sameness we all share and I look forward to more opportunities to continue this new photographic journey. I hope these bring a little smile or recognition of sameness we all share.

When Are You Going To Be Enough?

Over the last few years I have been positive I’ve been meant to do more, that what I am doing is not enough. I am inundated with messages of “Get more followers”, “How to Kill it as an Entrepreneur!” “Top 5 Things You Must Do for Your Business” or “You suck and Should Be Working Non stop!” Okay, that last one may just be my internal dialogue, but I think you follow me. I am constantly getting and earful and eyeful of  what I am not doing and what I need to be doing to be successful. Everyone is an expert and everyone has a secret to success. OMG I am exhausted just writing about it!

That feeling of exhaustion was actually my wakeup call. (AH, the bodies genius, always keeping us on track if we listen.) I was going into my photography studio everyday, a business which I loved but now struggled to enjoy and was EXHAUSTED! I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open while at my desk. I was thrilled when I was actually shooting, but immediately after I would sink back down into defeat. I even hired consultants and coaches to help me unearth what this mystical and magical new path might be. I was more than a little annoyed when one suggested, ” What if there isn’t something more?” WHAT?! NOTHING MORE??? Then what the hell am I doing? Where is my value? What is the point of me and my business? This can’t be IT I thought. I need to do more to deserve what is coming to me. I need to give more  before it’s “over”.  (Slightly dark I know) As if running a full time photography studio wasn’t enough….I SHOULD be doing more. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Anna Scott was right. Side note, check her out…she’s amazing!

Since no great lessons come in one perfect  little package it took a few more gentle hits on the head for me to get this one. About a week ago I went to a goodbye party for a friend who is moving to Ghana. I was inspired by her huge life choice to sell her house and begin a new adventure, and also by something she shared, “We don’t have to push ourselves to absurd limits to deserve the good we receive.” Certainly based on almost all advertising this was inccorect. Why just today an online retailer emailed to tell me the coffee table I deserved was on sale.

I sat with this wisdom for a few days as it melded into my consciousness. I would roll it around and try it on for size. It felt good in my body. It felt right. It wasn’t saying don’t effort, just effort less and flow more, do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do. Then one day….ummmm,this past Monday, I had an incredible “shift”.  This business I have created over the last 30yrs, THIS is what I do and I do it pretty damn well. It doesn’t need to be MORE, I don’t need to be MORE.  It’s simple I know, but this simple revelation released me from this heavy weight of, ” I am not enough” and I immediately noticed as I repeated this new believe throughout the day that I wasn’t struggling to stay awake at my desk. I was enough and so was the work I was offering to my clients from my heart.

What if we relaxed into this? What if we balanced effort with flow? What if we all knew that this career, family, who we are and what we are so passionate about is enough just as it is?


…and of course here are some visual reminders of what it looks like when we allow ourselves to show up as enough.


Even while feeling under the weather at our shoot Cathlene was glowing and bright.


CEO Michon transformed by the end of our shoot & clearly that is the confident expression of woman who knows who she is.

Knowing you are enough and knowing who you are go hand in hand. Jonathan was not new to any of this knowing.

Lisa relaxed into the couch and herself with total ease as the shoot unfolded. This moment always comes…it’s when we know we are enough.












I Don’t Want to Be the Creator, I Want to Be the Creation.

I’m unsure the author but there is a poem which goes something like this, ” I don’t want to be the poet, I want to be the poem. I don’t want to be the dancer, I want to be the dance. I don’t want to be the musician, I want to be the music.” I giggle involuntarily in deep recognition the moment I heard this. It resonated in the bones of my body while my mind took a moment to catch up.

I have been struggling lately going into my studio to sit down and do the work of running my business I have created the last 30 years. I realized recently I did not want to be there doing this kind of work. This busy detached work the must be done. I was feeling overwhelmed by my to do list of social media postings, marketing, bookkeeping, blog writing, endless emails, & editing. Any photographer will tell you it is these things that you dedicate most of your time until you can outsource some of it.  Some it, like writing these posts I love but when the lists go on and on and you can forget why you love things. For most photographers the “running the business part” isn’t why any of us started down a path into photography. It’s not why I did at least. I honestly had no idea what a career in photography and running a successful business looked like so many years ago. They simply didn’t teach you this when you’re getting a BFA or Masters in photography.

So here I am sitting in my studio slogging through the drudgery of it all until my next photoshoot when I get to be in connection and be IN the creation. Up until a few days ago I saw no relief in site and then I heard, “I don’t want to be the poet, I want to be the poem.” I found the word which spoke to my situation within the structure of the peom, “I don’t want to be the creator, I want to be the creation.” AHHHHH, yes, that was it.

So what’s a gal to do in this situation? Well first I noticed there is relief in the knowing. Once I was able to identify where my struggle was I instantly exhaled. I made the phrase my mantra since that moment, “I don’t want to be the creator, I want to be the creation”  and  say it the minute I begin to feel overwhelmed or lost. It reminds me to make sure I am the creation and not the creator aka the do-er. Next I had to find balance. A few things which help are working when I can from a cafe where other live humans are. YAY connection! Other days it’s working from the coziness of my own home and taking walks intermittently. Sure there are times I need to be at my studio computer editing but on days I don’t I can be in the creation of life, and flow through until my next photoshoot when I truly feel present and in creation.

To be the creation is to be in communion with all of life, to feel it all.  I don’t want to stand alone doing this all by myself. I don’t want to and never have wanted to create in a bubble, to be separate from the whole of it all.  My work at its core is all about collaboration & connection and it’s why I love being a photographer. I could not do what I do without the subjects complicity, openness and willingness to be creating with me. I want to be in the swirling beautiful flow of all that is creation and connection, to be in the experience of all of life.

Here are some photographs I created during my 2016 trip to Italy, one place I feel in the constant flow with all of creation. I am all at once creating but also connected to everything and everyone around me.  I am enlivened and completely free. I hope you each have a place like this.




View From the top of the Duomo in Milan, Italy. I wanted to create from a perspective not many saw of Milan.

During a hike around Lago di Braies up in the Dolomites of Italy. Nothing is more precious to me then being in nature.


A gentlemen along the hike. He nodded in agreement to having his photo created.

Another of Lago di Brdi Braies. Yes, this place was a favorite.


Business people during the hustle of lunch in Milan, Italy. I loved the grace with which the people of Milan glide around their day.

Why You Believe You Are NOT Photogenic

It’s amazing that almost all my clients believe they are not photogenic, within the first 5 minutes of talking almost all of them share this with me.  I ask every client how they feel being photographed knowing that 99% of the time this is their answer. It is such a wide spread belief and getting THAT out on the table is the beginning of creating beautiful photographs. Here’s why they and maybe even you believe you aren’t photogenic.

They are camera owners, not photographers. 

Everyone and their mother has a camera now, everyone! It’s fantastic in terms of expressing our creativity and sharing our lives, but not so great when it comes to us ending up in photos we don’t like of ourselves.  It is so important to keep in mind these aren’t professional taking your photo. Most amateurs likely don’t understand lighting, posing, or facial structures and how all of this plays into creating a flattering photograph of someone. They haven’t spent 30 plus years studying this artistic craft, looking at faces and usndersatnindg lighting. It’s not their fault, they don’t need to know this as a CEO, Chef, Consultant or whatever career THEY kick ass at.

Margaret is an engineer. Give someone a safe space to play and this is who shows up. She is relaxed and open.

It’s a wide angle lens! 

The lens in a camera phone is created to capture as much of a scene as possible. Great right? Yes, for landscapes and big groups but not for portraits. You know what that wide angle lens does? It makes you WIDER…yup, its right in the name. It distorts entire faces and specific features, it makes bodies look bigger than they are and unless you can get that sucker about 5-10 ft from your beautiful face it’s going to be unflattering.  See for yourself in the below images.  The lenses here start at 24mm which is a wide angel lens like the ones we are talking about in camera phones. They go all the way up to a 200mm which is what I shoot with when creating portraits. You can see the effect each lens has on the woman’s face and how much more out of proportion her face looks with the 24mm in comparison to the 200mm. 

I hear you, you’ve had professional photos and you STILL don’t like them. So, here is the the biggest reason I believe we think we are un-photogenic.


After 30 years in this career witnessing the challenges people have of being photographed I can share with certainty that how we feel about how we look is why so many of us feel un-photogenic, AKA less than beautiful or handsome. It’s all about self love and feeling safe. It actually has so little to do with what you look like. How do I know?  I see it everyday in almost every shoot. It’s hard being seen. It’s hard letting someone look at us. We believe they will see all of these things we think are flaws. It’s understandable really, this information of we are not enough comes at us from all angles via messages growing up, the media, and social media. We hold all these beliefs and thoughts and then we stand in front of these visual microscopes and are fed back our worst fears about who we are and what we look like.

I understand, I hated every photo taken of myself except for when my younger sister was behind the camera. I realized it was because I felt safe with her. I knew she loved me for me and because of that the inner dialogue shut off and I showed up as the best version of myself.  I simply stopped thinking about the negative beliefs I had accumulated over the years because I new the person looking at me only saw someone she loved.  When we feel safe, when we don’t have to worry about being judged, when we are in the moment of love or laughing with friends, OR don’t know a photo is being  taken that is when we love our photos. Our guard and self protection is in resting mode and we show up fully as ourselves and that is always beautiful.

I have built a career creating a safe space for every single client who walks through my doors. I grew up not feeling seen and it was incredibly painful. I believed I wasn’t worth it, interesting enough, too sensitive. Really it can be any message we received or created.  Bottom line I didn’t believe I was worth being loved, so now I let everyone they are worth being seen for exactly who they are. I share as much of my myself with each one of my incredible clients as I can.  I am vulnerable, loving, goofy and engaging. I genuinely care about each and every person who steps in front of my camera. My deepest intention is that you walk away with a portrait in which YOU can see the best version of yourself. Not a model! This point I want to make very clear, I am not interested in creating some false standard we all need to reach. The most beautiful version of you is the real you! The best version of you! The only way this happens is when we know it is safe to drop our guards and protections we think are keeping us safe but which only keeping us separate.


Coach and Advisor at One Women Effect Cheri SHINES joy in this photo! We laughed our butts off this entire session! 


Executive Coach Mary M. found her flow as we moved through her shoot to capture this ease filled authentic Business Portrait. Imagine your clients seeing the absolute best version of you! You will be killing it! 



Find out for yourself how photogenic you truly are! BOOK TODAY 🙂






















Family photo sessions can be a really challenging time for the parent(s) who are orgainizing!  On top of everything else you do for your family you now want to pull off a great photoshoot, so here are 5 proven tips I share with all my clients order to have a GREAT and FUN shoot! 


1) Choose Your Clothing Carefully

First and most important, dress for the weather. We all have that adorable outfit we love on our kids but if they are freezing cold or melting they will not be happy. Dress authentically to who you and your family are. My niece loves stripped stockings with a flower skirt and she makes it work perfectly!  She also feels like she is taking part in something and not being dragged along for the ride. You don’t all have to have matching shirts. In fact I advise against it. Choose one or two colors that work well together and let that be your guide. 

2) Be Well Rested and Fed

Be sure not to schedule your session around your child’s nap or meal time. The best lighting on location is two hours before sunset and two hours after sunrise. If this is during nap time talk to the photographer. A good photographer can create beautiful  light any time of day.  Be well fed or if your scheduling dinner after your session make sure everyone has a snack to hold them over. A full belly is a happy parent and child.

3) Have Fun With Your Family 

Set the stage that this is going to be fun and playful and the kids will follow. If the kids are onboard and looking forward to it your shoot is off to great start. You can also bring a favorite toy for the little ones to keep them engaged. Share a little about the personalities of each child with the photographer so they have insight to the family. I love learning about my clients!  The children are my biggest priority. When you arrive my attention will be focused on connecting with them. I create a relaxed and playful atmosphere which creates a relaxed shoot for the parents.


4) Let It Flow

My sessions are about you as a family, having fun and laughing together. I give you all a lot of freedom to show up as you are. Let your kids be silly, funny, quirky or shy. Remember you don’t always have to be looking at the camera. Some of the sweetest moments are you hugging your child or them rolling on the ground laughing. It’s all okay and you’ll always walk away seeing that part of your child you love so much!


All of these tips will assist you in having an enjoyable family photoshoot and walk away with gorgeous, timeless family photographs you will cherish forever.

To see more of my family portraits CHECK OUT THIS PRIVATE LINK 

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How to Get a Free Photo Shoot in Italy!

Who doesn’t want a free photoshoot in one of the most beautiful countries in the world?! I’m a photographer and I know I DO!  So here is how you can make it happen with minimal effort.

1. Walk around in a gorgeous red flowing dress at the Duomo in Florence!  Yes, you will have to get yourself to Italy. Feel free to pick another stunning place with breathtaking architecture in another part of Italy or even another country.  Airfare is on you unless you live there and there is only so much I can do.

2. Have your boyfriend already photographing you leaving everyone to wonder what famous star you might be. I think its clear your going to need a partner of some sort and I haven’t expended my business to match making just yet.  If you’re in a bind I suggest trying a dating    app…I “hear” its great fun. 😉

3. Make sure a professional photographer( ME! ME!) who is in love with Italy and on a vacation high sees you.  Hmmmmm, I am staring to see the level of difficulty but never say never!

4. Make sure to be one of the sweetest two people said photographer has ever met. Easy peasy!

While these To-Do’s may seem daunting they are not impossible, Emily and David are proof of that. This well timed synchronistic unfolding was what brought 3 travelers from the U.S. together this past August in one of my favorite cities in the world, Florence, Firenze if you’re a local or in the know.

As I rounded the corner to the front of the Duomo in Florence I spotted Emily in her stunning red dress, hard to miss her. It’s only been a few months but I was so excited trying to figure out if this was another photographer working with her or a companion that I don’t recall who approached whom. My mind is always working matrix style when I am trying to decipher a situation. All I knew is somehow I wanted to take the opportunity to photograph one or both of them. It quickly unfolded and I learned David was in fact her boyfriend. Score! One is always better then two!

Look at this sweet couple and THAT DRESS!

Both adorable and sweet I took a few photos of Emily and David with his camera first and then I asked if I could create some images with mine.  Many people assume that since I am a photographer I can magically pick up any camera and use it to its full capabilities. Not so. Sure I could take a couple of nice shots but knowing your equipment is key in creating stunning photographs. The camera works for YOU. So for the next few minutes I had two real life models to create, play with and photograph. Seriously, this was a dream for me and I knew I could give them something they would never have otherwise, a professional photoshoot in beautiful Florence, Italy! I love when these moments of synchronicity present themselves and I will always take advantage of these gifts.

These two are sweet as pie!

While I do a lot of my portrait work in my studio I love creating photographs on location whether it’s in the San Francisco Bay Area were I live or around the world. I’ve been lucky enough to have been hired for shoots in Kenya, Italy and all over the U.S.  One of my dreams is to be booking in Italy two months out of every year and I really believe putting that intention out there creates these opportunities to unfold.  Here’s to the dream and big thanks to they beautiful couple for allowing me to create something special for them.

My time in Italy was magical and this was one perfect experience that added to the entire experience.

I have tons more to share about my trip so make sure to follow me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM. or just BOOK A SHOOT and we’ll create!  You can see more of my portrait photography HERE

By Emily and David! See you next time!

Bye Bye!